This short but fun workout is perfect for 8-16 year olds that want to get some exercise at home or families that want to work out together.

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15 Min workout. Teach a child how to get in shape with exercises.

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Here is a 20 min Workout that is perfect for kids and adults to do together. It involves a dynamic warm up, cardio and body weight strength exercises.

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Lungs and heart

They get stronger when you get moving. That helps you feel more energy and means you can play, walk, or jog longer without feeling tired. So how about an extra lap around the track?

Develops Muscle Strength

Exercise makes them stronger and stretchier. So, become the family arm-wrestling champ. Do the limbo. Take out the garbage. Master the cartwheel.Lifting things, including their own body weight, keeps them healthy and limber, so they feel well and function optimally.

Cardiovascular Capacity

Moving vigorously cultivates a healthy heart and lungs, and helps prevent hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure), which can develop during childhood. The regular physical activity also can substantially lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Decreases Body Fat

Aerobic activity and strength training help children expend energy (calories), which helps them with weight control and positive body fat distribution.Fat stores energy that your body can use. When you exercise, your body uses more energy, so fat burning can occur.If you eat more calories, which cause you to store fat, you need to increase your exercise in order to burn the store of fat that you made.

Maintains a Steady, Healthy Weight

Movement and a healthy diet, combined with reducing sedentary behaviours like watching TV and playing computer games help to prevent obesity.It can mean you’re less likely to get diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and some kinds of cancer. It can even help you avoid getting a cold or the flu as often.

Reflexes and coordination

Exercise releases endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals that act on the brain as natural tranquillizers. Studies have shown that endorphin-rich movement improves mental focus and cognitive skills.Movement stimulates attention and energy levels due to improved circulation and blood flow.