Dual-trained in nutrition and electronic engineering, Maev is a fully qualified MIM1 clinical nutritional therapist since 2006, and a tech advocate. To continue her educational journey Maev attends Continuing Medical Educational events in the USA and UK held by various training providers and organisations, learning from the best researchers and experts in the field. Maev has completed 5 of the 6 Advanced Practise Modules [APMs) and is on her way to earning the board certification in Functional Medicine via The Institute for Functional Medicine in the USA.

How did I get into nutrition?

There are a few answers! One of the reason for my departure from a Software Engineering (I did like the engineering, really!), was after experiencing one of those 'A-Ha' moments whilst travelling through magical Central America, I always knew deep down that there was more to my career than programming, which lead me to extend my sabbatical and live in Guatemala and Mexico City for 3 years. This enabled me to explore other cultures and passions from yoga and the art to health! Definitely one of my top ten experiences to date!
The real pivotal moment was when I got sick (in Guatemala), not just once but many times. But along this journey, I sought out advice whilst abroad, from local doctors, naturopaths, shamans, healers and nutritionists - anyone that would listen, and had the most inspiring conversations and some interesting experiences! I became very conscious of how food affected my body and mind. Upon my return to Ireland, I searched for an appropriate training in UK and Ireland where I could learn more about nutrition, I was hungry for learning yet wanted to choose a course that was more therapeutic and science-based, not just looking at foods, but reviewing lifestyle and environment. I love studying, researching and thinking outside the box. I did not realise how 'unhealthy' I was until I started to reach peak health and fitness through eating well, supporting my digestion/immune balance, and looking after myself via yoga and movement.

Educational Path
I am working towards Certification in Functional Medicine at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Click here for my Educational Path Path to date Professional Associations: The Institute for Functional Medicine & Nutritional Therapists of Ireland Registered with The NTOI (Nutritional Therapy of Ireland), and a member of The Institute of Functional Medicine.