The outdoor version of the obstacle course! Here are some ideas for your course to put in any order:

  • Lay down a ladder and have the kids step through each rung.
  • Allow only jumping/somersaulting/crawling/crab walking from one area of the course to another.
  • Put down a piece of wood as a Balance Beam.
  • Perform various exercises like 20 sit-ups or push-ups.
  • Give each child 2 sheets of newspaper and allow each step to be taken only on a piece of newspaper. This requires the child to reach back and grab the previous step’s sheet of newspaper – tricky!
  • Create a slalom – kids must run zig-zag between obstacles.
  • Jump over various objects.
  • Throw balls to knock down objects.
  • Use water squirters to hit targets.
  • Make kids fill up a cup of water, run a distance to another container, pour the water into the container, and repeat this until they fill up the container to a certain height.
  • Variations – For older kids, make it a competition and time them to see how long it takes them to go through the whole course.


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