With the whole class, tell a story while the students act it out. The story may include a baseball game, track and field competition, fire rescue, building construction, hike, or fairy tale. Include a lot of actions in the story that describes jumping, bending, supporting, turning and twisting. Optional equipment may be added to suit the theme; e.g., hula hoops represent puddles, benches represent rocks to climb over. Encourage moves with one and two-foot hops and jumps and solid landings. SAMPLE STORY - SPROING’S STORY Say words that are bold loudly and watch for the students doing the actions. There once was a squirrel who loved to jump. This squirrel’s name was Spring. Spring did not scamper most of the time like regular squirrels, but instead hopped and jumped and leapt everywhere she went. She woke up early every morning, stretched her arms, waved hello to the sun then scampered down her tree to begin her day. She rarely went straight down the tree.

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