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How to Play?

Four players are needed for a traditional game of FourSquare. Each person is assigned a square with the goal of the game is to displace the player from the number one square. The player in square one, who serves from the back corner of their square, puts the ball in play. The ball is dropped and hit with the open hand into one of the other squares. The ball may or may not bounce once in any square before the player in that square hits the ball into another square. Misses occur when a player fails to hit the ball successfully into another square or hits it out of bounds. When a “miss” occurs, the person who is responsible goes to the end of a challenging line and waits to re-enter the game. The other players move up one square and the first person in the challenge line moves to square four.


Variations are endless depending on the capabilities of the participants. Allow players to juggle or bounce the ball before batting it, or to allow them to actually catch the ball and bounce it before hitting it