Exercise Plans for Age 5 to 7

Jump and Stick

With the whole class, tell a story while the students act it out. The story may include a baseball game, track and field competition, fire rescue, building construction, hike, or fairy tale.

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Elephants, Giraffes and Palm Trees

The teacher works from the middle of the circle. After explaining the three positions, the teacher points to a student (in rapid/random order) naming one of the three positions.

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Traditional Four Square

Four players are needed for a traditional game of FourSquare.Each person is assigned a square with the goal of the game is to displace the player from the number one square.

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Single Rope -Individual Skipping Challenges

The following challenges are designed for all ages and abilities. Each participant needs an individual skipping rope.

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Sky reaches

Stretches for children.

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Shoulder blasts

Kids doing light physical exercises breathe normally as they do basic gross motor activities at a controlled pace.

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