Exercise Plans for Age 10 to 12

Frisbee Noodle

This is a throwing accuracy game to work on frisbee tosses. First, divide the class into groups of three. Each player must stand by one of the cones that should have already been distributed on the ground in a set of 3 (this activity is best played outside for space reasons but can be played inside if needed).

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The objective of this game is to “rescue” teammates off of “Danger Land” and get everyone to “Fun Land”. Explain that Danger Land is a dangerous place to live due to earthquakes, fires, flooding, dinosaurs…; while Fun Land is a safe pleasant place. Each team is allowed one boat (a floor scooter) and one rope. 

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Mystery Tag

Mystery Tag is a tag game with the familiar back-and-forth style used in games like British Bulldog…players must cross from one side of the gym to the other without being tagged. If they are tagged they become “It”. It works great for all grades 2-8.

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Crab walk

The crab walk will really get the kids winded. Start by sitting on the ground with your hands and feet flat on the ground. Make sure your fingers are pointing away from your body or else you will put too much pressure on your wrists.

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Ultimate (Frisbee)

Played on a soccer or American Football field, get your friends together and play a game of Ultimate! 

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Indoor Basketball

Easily done by making a few “snowballs” out of some pairs of socks, then get a laundry basket (or something smaller for more of a challenge).

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